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Teaser trailer for Hitchcock biopic The Girl: watch now

Hitchcock biopic The Girl has received a first teaser trailer, showing off Toby Jones as the rotund master of movies himself.

True to form, the teaser’s as Hitchcockian as they come, with gorgeous title cards and some fittingly Bernard Herrman-style music.

The Girl is set around the making of Hitchcock’s The Birds , with Sienna Miller playing Tippi Hedren.

During the film shoot, though, Hitchcock becomes somewhat obsessed with his leading lady…

Check out the teaser below…

Having just played a sound designer in FrightFest hit Berberian Sound Studio , Jones is obviously loving making films within films.

And with The Girl, he seems to have delivered another bravura performance that’s sure to earn him a raft of awards.

The Girl airs on HBO in America in October, and will hopefully come to UK shores soon after that.