Team Fortress 2 "Pyromania" update unleashes three days of updates

TodayValve announcedthat they will begin rolling out their latest update to their five-year-old modern classic, Team Fortress 2. This time the update will be centered around the Pyro class, culminating in the release of the long-awaited Meet the Pyro video.

Today was the first day of the "Pyromania" update (two more will follow,) and introduces a brand new game mode. The new mode is called Doomsday, and it's pretty much the most insane thing we've ever heard. According to Valve's TF2 website:

"Doomsday pits BLU against RED, with only one team getting the honor of transporting a suitcase nuke full of recalled Mann Co. Australium to American monkeynaut Poopy Joe’s rocket, so he can blast off and hunt down Soviet space chimp Vladimir Bananas. It's the same spirit of competitive enterprise that stalled the moon landing by three years when Buzz Aldrin suplexed Neil Armstrong into a pile of folding chairs at Astromania '69! Both teams will attempt to get the necessary fuel up a preposterously slow-moving elevator and into Poopy Joe’s Australium-powered rocket to the stars."

We would have liked to explain the new game mode to you in our own words, but frankly Valve's explanation is pure gold. There's no way we could have said it better. The new update also introduces a bunch of new space launch-themed achievements.

We'll have more on the TF2 Pyromania update as it continues being rolled out, and of course we'll be bringing you the undoubtedly-awesome "Meet the Pyro" video as soon as it's available.

Andrew Groen

Andrew is a freelance video game journalist, writing for sites like Wired and GamesRadar. Andrew has also written a book called EMPIRES OF EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online.