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Team Fortress 2 and Rift trade loot in online promotion

It's not every day that Team Fortress 2 takes part in a videogame cross-over. Just every week or so. For its latest trick, Valve has partnered with MMO developer Trion for a pre-order promotion that will see all who pre-order Rift through Steam by March 1st gifted with two unique Rift-themed melee weapons for Valve's shooter and a 'Well Spun Hat' to wear (with pride?) in Trion's upcoming MMO.

On the Team Fortress 2 side, players who pre-order Rift will receive both the Sharpened Volcano Fragment and the Sun-on-a-Stick weapons. On Trion's end, players who complete a Team Fortress 2 achievement entitled 'Riftwalker' – that is, killing a chump within five seconds of using a teleporter - will unlock a code for the aforementioned 'Well Spun Hat.'

Above: The Well Spun Hat, 200% creepier than the name implies

As Team Fortress 2 tie-ins go, this is one of the most mismatched yet. What's next? Scout items in Batman Arkham City? Hold up, we're getting a press release...

[Source: Team Fortress]

Feb 4, 2011