How to get Tchia Pearls for the Coutume

Offering Tchia Pearls in the Coutume
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Tchia Pearls are items you need to find to prepare the Coutume when you arrive at Tre's Camp, after your father is kidnapped by Pwi Dua. The concept of Coutume is introduced early in the game, as a traditional gesture of thanks to anyone helping or hosting you, and as Tre has kindly taken you in after the raid on your home you must make a suitable offering. It's not initially clear where you have to go to locate these collectibles, so here's everything you need to know about finding Pearls in Tchia so you can make an offering at Tre's Camp.

How to get two Tchia Pearls for the Coutume

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Your objective for this quest is to get two Tchia Pearls for the Coutume, but that's all the information you're initially given. You can make things a little easier for yourself by climbing to the top of Tre's Camp and interacting with the Point Of View there, to shout and fill in the local map. This shows the locations of five Clam Pearl collectibles, but as the map doesn't function in the same way as a usual minimap you still need to figure out where they actually are.

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To get started, one of the Tchia Pearls is directly underneath Tre's Camp, so jump into the water and then hold Circle to dive down between the support pillars. Look for a large Clam on the sea bed below you with a stream of bubbles rising from it, which will then be marked with an icon as you approach. Interact with it to collect the Clam Pearl, then ideally hold X to swim back to the surface before your oxygen expires – though don't worry too much if you run out of air, as you'll simply respawn back on Tre's Camp.

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To find the second of the Tchia Pearls needed to complete this objective, swim around the perimeter of Tre's Camp underwater and look for a bright glow on the sea bed to indicate the location of another Clam, before making your way towards it and collecting the Clam Pearl as you did before. You can then meet Tre at the Campfire to present your offering and progress the story, with the next step being learning how to play a Tchia Soul Melody. As you continue your journey across the seas you'll see more Tchia Pearls marked on the map, which you can swim down to grab and add to your collection.

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