TalkRadar 52 - punch drunk!

Top 7... RPG towns that explode– starring Final Fantasies IV, VII and X!

Bionic Commando– reviews are all over the place... we explain why you shouldn’t listen to any of them.

Fun with stereotypes: starring Punch-Out!!– please excuse our incessant gushing over what could very well be Wii’s best game of 2009.

InFamous reviewed– Hear how this electro-charged PS3-exclusive doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

Terminator through time– “come with us if you want to re-live,” possibly the best strapline this week.

Project Trico trailer- Watch the TRICO trailer like your soul depends on it:

Question of the Week 36: What game are you ashamed you never beat? Answer in our forums and your story could be read on T-Dar 53!

Above: Bionic Commando contest! Win this giant box o’ shit by participating in our stupidly simplecontest

Above: Bay to Breakers, featuring Batman fighting Ken in front of the Ninja Turtles in front of Chun Li and Cammy. Is your city this cool?

Above: One tough cream puff. Oh and Kirby

Above: Expert use of the Punch-Out!! hoodie by somerandomchap

Above: Chris is now part of his favorite movie, courtesy of EdHas503

Above: Awesome quick thinking by El Pork, who caught the Family Guy season finale and thought, “heeeey…”

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Post date: May 22, 2009
T-Dar52 length: 2:20:18
Quote of the week: “I can’t wait to hear on 60 Minutes about an ecstasy bust at the technodrome.”
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