Secrets of the Project Trico trailer revealed

We’ve been staring at that chain picture for what seems like years now. Ever since Team ICO let their one solitary screenshot slip from their mysterious PS3 project we’ve been obsessing over the rusty piece of metal. What was it for? Where did it lead to? What did it have to do with Ico or Shadow of the Colossus? Well, that mystery game is currently Project Trico and, thanks to the first trailer being leaked from PlayStation LifeStyle onto the land of the internets, a lot of our questions have been answered. Below is said trailer and all the screenshots and info you need to know about PS3’s biggest exclusive.

So what can we take away from the above video, then?

- Well, firstly, its looks like it's going to be a cross between Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, as a kid and giant creature combine to tackle platforming sections in a barren world. And secondly, just as we always expected - obviously - that chain was being used to hold said giant... er, mouse/cat/eagle thing.

- Unlike the previous two games, Trico's environment is clearly still populated with people, as evidenced by the guard at the start who gets royally twatted.

- After seeing a young Ico-esque sprog fleeing for his life, you'd think the monster was about to get a tasty treat. However, when the creature saves the kid from a fatal fall we see they are actually allies. And clearly share a deep bond similar to the one seen between Ico and Yorda and Wander and his horse Agro.

- Just like Ico, we're going to have to use teamwork to succeed, whether it's the monster helping the boy reach ledges or the boy feeding the monster barrels that look to be full of food. It's unclear whether we'll be controlling the creature or the kid, though, but we suspect it'll be the latter, with companion commands most likely assigned to one button as they were in Trico's predecessors.

- There will be lots of enemies. As much as we'd like to go wrong in the nether regions thinking about sixteen boss fights between Colossus-style brutes and the creature, we doubt this will happen. Instead, the arrows that can be seen stuck in the monster suggest you'll have to fend off groups of smaller enemies - most likely the mates of the guard we see at the beginning.

David Meikleham
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