Secrets of the Project Trico trailer revealed

- It's a prequel to Shadow of the Colossus. This might be a bit of a leap, but bear with us. From a thematic standpoint the idea makes sense. The trilogy is being told backwards. If SOTC filled in some of the back story of Ico and gave the game greater context, we think Trico will do exactly the same with the monster murder 'em up. Maybe we'll find out how the Colossi were created and why their land was left deserted.

After watching the trailer until our eyes went funny, we also think the world seen in the trailer is the same desolated land from SOTC. The barren openness, the underground caverns, the vast ghostly expanses. Not only do they share a stylistic link, but some of the locations in Trico look damn similar to bits in the PS2 game. Look below if you don't believe us.

Above: Trico - an Aztec-like city

Above: SOTC - notice the similar-looking architecture

Above: Trico - an indoor candle-lit cavern

Above: SOTC - the cavern you fight the 11th Colossus in

If we're right about this, admittedly sizable leap of faith, and it is the same world, then we reckon the creature could well be the first Colossus. Massive and mournful, it has the same dead, pupil-free eyes of the half animal/half mechanical leviathans from the last game. The creature could well be what the Colossi originally were, before they were turned into mechanical monstrosities to house SOTC's demon baddie, Dormin. It looks to share elements with several of those titans, too, as it can both fly - like the 5th and 13th Colossi - and swim underwater - like the 7th Colossi.

Above: Trico - the mysterious winged creature

Above: SOTC - Look familiar? It's the mysterious 5th winged Colossus

Want more evidence that the game takes place before either Ico or SOTC? Just look at the kid. His appearance and dress sense closely resemble Ico. But, if this was a sequel, he'd surely have horns - in line with Ico's ancestor Wander creating a lineage of horned sprogs in SOTC that curse all future generations. The fact that he doesn't have them could well point to Trico taking place before both PS2 titles.

- The last thing you must know? It'll almost definitely be beautiful, ethereal and 'effing brilliant.

May 20, 2009

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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