Tales of Arise release date announced along with surprise PS5 and Xbox Series X versions

The Tales of Arise release date is set for September 10 in the West, and Bandai Namco is also bringing the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This comes on the heels of a new trailer and article published by Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu. It's worth noting that the September 9 release date is Japan-only, and that Tales of Arise will come to the West on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam) on September 10, as the official Tales Twitter account confirmed. This will give it some distance between Scarlet Nexus, another promising action JRPG that Bandai will release on June 25. 

Release dates aside, Famitsu's story also confirms that Tales of Arise is coming to new-gen consoles, which is good news for everyone. It seems the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will offer a performance mode targeting 60 FPS and a graphics mode focusing on 4K output. We haven't heard about free new-gen upgrades just yet, but with Scarlet Nexus offering free upgrades, it's likely Tales of Arise will as well. 

Originally revealed at E3 2019, Tales of Arise is set on the planet Dahna, which is ruled by tyrants from the planet Rena. It stars Shionne, a girl from Rena with a curse that pains whoever she touches, and Alphen, a Dahna native who feels no pain. A natural fit, the two pair up to fight for Dahna's independence in the game's lush open world. With plenty of allies to meet and a retooled third-person combat system to experiment with, Tales of Arise looks like a great way for the series to break into the new console generation. 

Tales of Arise will feature animated cutscenes by Ufotable, the famed studio still hard at work on Demon Slayer season 2, which Famitsu says are among "the longest in the history of the series." 

Austin Wood

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