Tales from Borderlands Redux leaked trailers surface

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Leaked trailers have surfaced on Reddit that reveal what appears to be an upcoming re-release of Telltale's Borderlands adventure called Tales from Borderlands Redux.

The two short clips uploaded to Imgur from an unnamed redditor show footage of two different trailers for the game that look pretty legitimate. From Gearbox, 2K, and Telltale, the trailer also credits AdHoc Studios, which is made up of former Telltale devs who are currently working on Wolf Among Us 2

This leak comes after a rumour was making the rounds that a sequel to Tales from Borderlands was in the works. While this doesn't seem to be an outright sequel, the footage shows that the Redux version will include new content and a bonus mini-episode or episodes - it's not entirely clear whether there'll be more than one "mini-episode" since the trailer is partially cut-off.  One of the trailers does also show how many minutes of extra content will be included, but it's hard to make out for certain.  

Tales from the Borderlands Redux from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

The Redux version also includes "codex-concept-art, unused content and more", and briefly shows what appears to be two codex entries for Vasquez and Sasha, as well as episode commentary. It also reveals that it's set to have a 2020 release date window, but doesn't offer an exact date or what platforms it'll arrive on. This is purely conjecture, but it's interesting that the year dissolves away and leaves a 2 behind, which could be some kind of hint. 

Tales from Borderlands was easily one of the most entertaining entries from Telltale and quickly became a fan favorite amongst Borderlands and Telltale fans alike. Featuring the voice acting talents of Troy Baker and Laura Bailey as protagonists Rhys and Fiona, it also stars Dameon Clarke as Handsome Jack and Patrick Warburton as Vasquez. 

We don't yet know if all of the actors have come back to reprise their roles for any of the new additional content included in this Redux version of the adventure.

As with any leaks, it's always best to take them with a pinch of salt, but given that these trailers look quite like the real deal, we could well see this game come to light officially very soon. 

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