The Wolf Among Us 2 is being revived, and the original game is free for a limited time

The Wolf Among Us series returned in full form Thursday night at The Game Awards, and to celebrate the original Telltale adventure is completely free on the Epic Games store. LCG Entertainment, which relaunched Telltale Games this year, revealed a teaser trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 and detailed the news in a press release.

We don't know much else about The Wolf Among Us 2 at this point, other than that it's under development and set to launch on PC and consoles as an Epic Games exclusive. No release date, no plot details, no timeline on its Epic Games exclusivity. But the news is a miracle in and of itself for Telltale fans who rightfully thought the studio's closure last year spelled doom for the Wolf Among Us series.

With the news of the series' revival, it's as good a time as ever to catch up on the excellent original game. Plus, it just so happens to also be the most economical time to play The Wolf Among Us. You'd usually need to pay $15 to get your hands on it, but until Thursday, December 19, you'll pay zilch for The Wolf Among Us. Nada. Nil.

For the uninitiated, The Wolf Among Us is a very Telltale-like (read: story-driven, episodic, and choice-based) game about unraveling the mysteries of a fairy tale murder. GamesRadar's The Wolf Among Us review from 2014 praised the "intriguing," "suspenseful story" but noted that "some decisions are inconsequential."

It's unlikely, although not impossible, that we'll see The Wolf Among Us 2 release in 2020, but we know for sure these exciting games are coming in 2020 and beyond. 

Jordan Gerblick

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