Take a new look at Westworld episode 8 with this gallery of images

Yesterday brought us a sneaky peek at the next episode of Westworld, Trace Delay. While that trailer sufficiently whetted our appetites, showing off glimpses of new-found chaos and A LOT of references to Arnold, it's never too late for more teasers. Thankfully, HBO has dropped a batch of new stills from the upcoming episode to further entice us.  

Here's Hector, propping up the bar at the Mariposa saloon. Last we saw of him he was "servicing" (or was he being serviced?) by executive director of the Delos board, Charlotte Hale. As he's back out in the (West)world, could that mean he's operating as an unwitting spy for Ford? Theories suggest that while Hector was on freeze in Charlotte's bed, Ford could still hear everything going on in the room - including the phrase "blood sacrifice."  

Hey, it's Teddy and the Man in Black! They're on horses... still. Will Teddy ever reach Delores? Speaking of... 

We know from yesterday's teaser that Delores and William reach a place she feels is her natural home. With Hosts being artificial and all, it makes you wonder why she's drawn to it. My guess? Arnold hid some deep coding within her because she was special to him.  

Ford, chillin' out inside the Mesa, no doubt reeling off some enigmatic platitudes to cover up his somewhat shady behaviour.  

Poor Bernard. Looking as perplexed as ever with his head tilted, a little bit - dare I say - like a loyal dog. He's gonna be dealing with the aftermath of his new discovery. 

Charlotte looks particularly smug here. She's probably just ordered a load of Hosts to get decommissioned. Or fired an entire department.  

One of Hector's crew, it's Armistice the gunslinger. Will she get to do more than fire her weapon? Fingers crossed. 

Wahoo - it's Maeve! With her programming upped to max intelligence, what we could be witnessing here is the first step in her rebellion. Her recent threats towards Lutz and Sylvester suggest that they're in on it too. Could she be making eyes at one of them? Or is she simply looking shifty in general?... 

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays at 9pm in the US, and on Sky Atlantic on Tuesdays at 9pm in the UK. You can also catch up via Sky On demand or via NOWTV.

Images: HBO  

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