Sylvain White sees Static

After storming the box office with US college dance-frat drama Stomp The Yard, director Sylvain White is stepping into the future for his next assignment based at Sony.

With a script by Brad Gann, static is set in a brutal Los Angeles, where the commander of the city’s most notorious street gangs must use all his resources to avoid being offed by rival street crims as he’s brought to testify against corrupt cops. So it’s 16 Blocks with 100% more explosions, no Bruce Willis and a couple of robots, then?

"I am grateful to be working again with the studio that gave me my start,” White gushed to The Hollywood Reporter "Static offers me the exciting opportunity to paint an innovative near-future youthful reality within a high action-packed framework." That, and the studio will let him kick a poodle every day he’s on set.

He’s not the first director to consider the job – Guy Ritchie was attached for a long time, before he realised his time was better served making confusing religio-thrillers and helping his wife adopt half the world’s children.