One of the most exciting and least-talked about features of Nintendo's Wii is theability to sell uslong-lost games - without the dust and peeling labels.The Wii's Wi-Fi capabilitieswill let you pack itfull of NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 titles, a thought that gets our nostalgia motors spinning. After mining the best history has to offer, we present a few obscuro picks we hope to see coming to the Virtual Console... like fast.And we haven't even begun to contemplate the possible Genesis and TurboGrafx games that could be on the way, or newly created games built just for Nintendo's online network. Oh, this is going to be a sweet ride.

10. The one Castlevania you don't remember

The game: Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (N64)
Published by: Konami
You played it in: 1999

What's Cool: The N64's Castlevania games were widely ignored thanks to the glory of PSone's Symphony of the Night. That game has spawned sequel after sequel, the DS' Dawn of Sorrow being the latest and greatest. No matter the flavor, the series has always handed out hardcore vampire-hunting action, but the latest console titles just aren't keeping the legend alive.

So maybe it's time to give another shot to the underdog. Literally. Legacy stars a werewolf, but it came out so late and was so similar to the previous N64 Castlevania that it was more or less ignored by everyone else. Given the fact that Castlevania in 3D has never quite shaken out the way we want it to, we may as well peer back and play this overlooked game. The jury's still out whether or not it's a classic.

Will thevampirehunt continue?Dracula resurrects every 100 years. This might show up sometime in that period, too.

Brett Elston

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