9. The one with eight player racing that made no sense

The game: Micro Machines 64 Turbo (N64)
Published by: Midway
You played it in:1999

What's Cool: racing pint-sized cars, boats and tanks through people's shabbily constructed homes is always a trip. The tracks wind through dirty backyards, across pool tables and even into a scientist's beaker-filled laboratory, often using everyday items like rulers as bridges or Bunsen burners as launching pads.

It's a maddeningly fast racer that forces everyone to share the same screen; go too fast and you drive right out of the picture. Four players can race against each other easily, but in a true show of multiplayer genius eight can play by using different parts of the same controller. How that'd play out onWii is alone worth seeing the game translated, and with nearly 50 tracks, Micro Machines makes a perfect throwaway title to kill a lazy afternoon.

Revving up to the red line?Racing towards a maybe.

Brett Elston

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