3. The one that stretches across 65 million years

The game: Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Published by: Square Soft (Now Square Enix)
You played it in:1995

What's Cool: What isn't cool about this game? A merging of the brains behind Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy resulted in a game that brought together the best of both. The game's time-jumping plot is a mish-mash of sci-fi, fantasy, and utterly adolescent melodrama, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable one.

The game follows the adventures of a mute mophead teen called Crono, an adventuresome lad with a couple of interesting friends that somehow gets caught in a quest to destroy an giant, inexplicable evil known as Lavos. By the end of its tale, Chrono Trigger will slingshot you from an idyllic fantasy into a decay-soaked future world and a barbaric past.

The gameplay also goes a way to ironing out the wrinkles in mid-90s RPG convention. There are no random battles, for example. Lush graphics and a memorable score set this one apart from the competition as well. This one's gotta make a comeback.

Time for a resurgence?You won't have to travel to the past to play this one.

Brett Elston

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