4. The one with Hitler's exploding head

The game: Bionic Commando (NES)
Published by: Capcom
You played it in: 1988

What's Cool: We didn't question a lot in the late '80s, it would seem. After mashing frogs, we'd head over to Nazitown and put the crosshairs right over Hitler's melon. As a bionic supersoldier, you're armed with a swingin' robo-whip arm that lets you veer across gaps and slap baddies around from a distance. Incidentally, the arm weighs your character down, preventing him from jumping.

That simple obstacle sets up plenty of runny-jumpy challenges as you boot faux Nazis out of their stronghold. The game's branching paths let you explore the entire world and power up your hand cannon into different forms, like spread guns and rocket launchers. You can even hack into badly translated enemy transmissions. Bionic Commando has one of the best quotes in the NES library: A wannabe Nazi soldier yelling, "Get the heck out of here you nerd!"

Will we head back to Nazitown?Deployment looks likely.

Brett Elston

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