Survival game fans think Nightingale has "the weirdest character creator ever," and they're not sure if that's a compliment or not

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Nightingale is one of the prettiest survival and crafting mash-ups we've ever seen, but its character creator has disappointed many fans. 

The recently released game offers many options when it comes to making custom characters, allowing you to pick and choose from a variety of different body types, hair colors, makeup options, and more. Perhaps most impressively, players can also decide their character's ancestry, teeth, and eyebrows in one of the most detailed character creators out there.

Despite giving players a lot of options to play around with, many Nightingale players have mixed feelings about just how good this character creator is - as demonstrated on the game's dedicated subreddit. "The weirdest character creator ever," one player writes, followed by: "How the heck did this game capture the insane attention to detail, like three different eye colors, mixed heritage, etc. while also at the same time making everyone look like cavemen?"

In another post, a different player pointed out how every character's face looks similar - despite all the unique features you can give them. "I'm normally a massive fan of heavily stylized character design, the people in the Dishonored franchise for example," another fan replied. "But I feel like these really do veer a bit far off that and are caricatures of ugliness lol," they add before saying that they hope the character models' faces get a rework "or we get full face masks." 

Apparently everyone suffers Fetal Alcohol Syndrome from r/nightingale

On the flip side, others have pointed out that their characters look "pretty normal" and that this look is intentional: "I feel like people forgot that these are ex-BioWare devs," one user replied in the comments of the post above. "It seems intentional and not an oversight based on past works." 

Someone else has also made a very good point that Nightingale's setting may be to blame: "To be fair, Victorian times were friggen gross." The humans in Nightingale are the least of our worries, its monster designs are much, much worse.

Your characters can look pretty normal as well :> from r/nightingale

Nightingale is available to play on PC now via Steam and the Epic Games Store

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