Surprise! Exit the Gungeon is out now on Switch and PC

Exit the Gungeon, the sequel to Dodge Roll's hit bullet hell roguelike Enter the Gungeon, will launch on Switch and PC later today, March 17.

Publisher Devolver Digital dropped the news in the latest Nintendo Indie World broadcast. Exit the Gungeon was originally released through Apple Arcade on September 19, 2019, and it's been scheduled for other platforms for some time. Nobody expected it to come out today, though. 

Exit the Gungeon picks up right where Enter the Gungeon leaves off, which is to say, in the Gungeon. But where the original game challenged players to explore the Gungeon's depths in isometric bullet hell combat, Exit the Gungeon is all about ascending through 2D levels. 

"The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing!" Devolver explains. "Armed with an ever-changing weapon, an insatiable need to loot, and the trusty dodge roll, each of our heroes must ascend and escape via their own unique route of increasingly perilous elevators. Battle against the last and most bitter of the Gundead at a frantic pace, slowing down just long enough to chat with some familiar faces… and a few new ones. Shifting rooms, enemies, bosses, bizarre weapons and items all combine to ensure that no two attempts to Exit the Gungeon are the same." 

Dodge Roll calls it a dungeon climber, and that's as accurate a description as any. The bulk of the game takes place in vertical, elevator-style levels where enemies and hazards appear throughout. Exit the Gungeon features many characters, features, and baddies from Enter the Gungeon, but everything has basically been translated to work with the new vertical format. It looks and sounds great, and if it's anywhere near as good as the original game, we'll be playing (and dying) for dozens of hours to come. 

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Austin Wood

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