Superman tunes up

Bryan Singer and composer John Ottman have just a bit of history together. He’s worked on almost everything the director has made except… anyone? Anyone? Class? That’s right – X-Men. And no, it wasn’t because of some spat between the friends. His place was taken by Michael Kamen because Ottman was a little busy directing and scoring Urban Legends: Final Cut. You can understand why he went back to composing after that…

But he’s most definitely been working on themes and a score for Singer’s latest, a little release known as Superman Returns. Taking their cue (yeah, we made a music gag – sue us) from John Williams’ ground-smashing original music for the Super-movies, Ottman and Singer have clearly shown due respect and kept the main tune intact. But Ottman has been allowed free reign to do his own thing during the movie itself.

And now, the people who tend to get their hands on scores early, have posted their usual set of early samples from the score so you can judge for yourself. Check out the link by clicking here . There might be minor spoilers for anyone wishing to remain completely clean, so consider yourselves warned.

The full CD should hit the shops on 10 July, depending on whether the film’s UK release date is affected by the recent US date shift.

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