Super Mario Maker 2 World Maker mode lets you make a whole Mario game with different worlds

The latest and final major update to Super Mario Maker 2 lets you make an entire Mario game full of custom levels and distinct worlds.

So far, you've only been able to create and play individual levels, but now you can string together levels into themed worlds and connect those worlds into an entire game to torture your friends with.

The free update arrives Wednesday, April 22 and lets you build worlds containing up to five levels. You'll be able to connect eight worlds into a cohesive game complete with an overworld map, warp pipes, and mini-games. The overworld map for each world can be designed with your own path to the castle, bridges, and decorations. Meanwhile, the worlds contained in your custom Mario game can include underground, desert, snow, sky, forest, volcano, and outer-space themes.

The last big update to Mario Maker 2 also adds new enemies, wearables, weapons, and power-ups. All seven Koopalings, Phanto, and Mechakoopas can be added to levels as enemies, while the canon box and boomerang can be added to help the player get to the finish line. The Frog Suit from Super Mario 3 and Mario from Super Mario Bros. 2 have also been added to Mario Maker 2's extensive suite of level-customization options. Check the update's trailer up top for the complete list of additions.

Nintendo says the latest update is the last "major" coming to Super Mario Maker 2, so don't expect any huge content drops in the future, aside from bug fixes and the like.

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Jordan Gerblick

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