Super Mario Galaxy 2 Comet Medal Guide

Puzzle Plank Galaxy

8: The Puzzling Picture Book:
Find themedal to the left side where the buzzsaws are cutting the planks from under you. It takes a quick jump to snag it.


9: Hot Stepping Dash- Pepper:
Just past the Luma wanting gold, head straight up after the moving block and then fall back down the ramp after getting themedal to go again.


10: Rock and Rollodillo:
As soon as you enter the first area, the CometMedal will be in the large purple crystal. Get the stone power and smash through to get it.

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

11: Twin Falls Hideaway:
The CometMedal here is located at the very far end in the bottom of the pool. Behind the tower with the spiral staircase, there's a green melonwith the coin is inside it.


12: Fluzzard’s first flight:
Go for a race on the Fluzzard and you’ll find the Comet Medal right at the end of the flight.


13: Bumble Beginnings:
Themedal can be found just after the first checkpoint. As you bounce up the clouds, it will be under a platform you need to jump on to. Pretty hard to miss actually.


14: Bowser’s Big Lava Power Party:

The Thwomps here are you friend, at least until you get the medal. When you encounter them, take out the first one and then let the second fall over. Get on his back and let him stand up while you get on his head. Grab themedal and then hit the bricks.

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