Super Mario Galaxy 2 Comet Medal Guide

Ah yes, Comet Medals. Because 120 stars weren’t enough to ruin your social life, Mario Galaxy 2 has decided to throw a couple more collectibles your way. These not-so little buggers can be found in each galaxy. Onemedal will be found per galaxy, and when found, they will eventually call a Prankster Comet into existence, and oh boy are theselevels "fun".

These Pranksters Comets will range from Speed Runs to Daredevil Runs to whatever wackiness and absolute frustration they feel like tossing your way. Sound the alarms! Below we have compiled a list of Worlds 1 through 6 (and S),and where you can find each and everymedal. Good luck!

Introduction |World One |World Two |World Three |World Four |World Five |World Six / World S

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