Stupendous! It's the GamesRadar UK Podcast Question Box

The GamesRadar UK Question Box™ is no mere empty receptacle. Nay, it is a vertiable six-sided portal to audio delights and digitally downloaded dreams. ie. If you put your questions in it we will try to answer them in the next GamesRadar UK podcast, and that will be all exciting and stuff.

What should you ask? Why, that is entirely up to you. Anything game-related or not-entirely-game-related is completely acceptable. But if you're stuck for inspiration, you might want to muse upon some of this week's more exciting video game happenenings. Things like the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Things like PAX. Things like the insane-o-priced (but very lovely) complete Final Fatasy box set being announced for $450.

So yes. Questions. Put yours in our box via the comments below. Then feel free to peruse our treasury of previous aural delights by way of our archive of ye olde past GamesRadar UK podcasts. They're old, but by God, are they sexy. And don't forget there's an all-new podcast from the US brethren in the shape of RadioRadar to check out as well. Ears have never had it so good.