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RadioRadar Podcast 001: And we're back

Yup. After a long hiatus, GamesRadar's podcast is back, and it's something new. It's called RadioRadar, and it's your weekly source of gaming discussion, covering the weekly Top 7, as well as the newest of the news, game releases, and maybe an interview. Prepare thy ears, because RadioRadar starts now.

You can download/stream it below, or click the iTunes link to jump over to the spot where you can subscribe (note: we'll be on the old show's RSS feed, so no need to resub if you're already subscribed to that).

This Week's Hosts: Hollander Cooper, Tom Magrino, Henry Gilbert, and Lucas Sullivan.

The Deets

Post date: August 15, 2012
Intro song by: Danny Baranowsky
The Question of the Week: What is your very first gaming memory?