Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Chun-Li and Blanka

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Street Fighter II|Alpha series|Street Fighter III|EX series|Marvel vs. Capcom series|SNK vs. Capcom series|SF: The Movie and Gem Fighter|Sprite comparison|SSFIITHDR and Street Fighter IV|Comics and cosplay|Film, figures, and more

Street Fighter The Movie - 1995

Game-based movies generally suck, right? And games based on movies also generally suck, right? So what happens when you make a game based on a movie based on a game? You get this abomination.

Here we see Chun-Li - wait, no, this is Ming-Na, the actress who also voiced Disney's Mulan. Sorry about the mix-up.

Blanka missed the arcade version of this game, but was unfortunate enough to appear in the console version.His spiked orange hair is replaced with a Carrot Top mop, he isn't green, and... where are his anklets? How will your mom recognize you now, Blanka?

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (AKA Pocket Fighter) - 1997

This whimsical "super deformed" off-shoot explores Chun-Li's character a bit more freely than the canon Street Fighter games. Her proficiency with guns as an Interpol agent is recognized, giving her the ability to whip out various implements of destruction during battle.

A bit of a ditz in the game, Chun-Li is in search of an escaped zoo animal, andmistakes Felicia (a Darkstalkers cat girl) for the animal.

Namco x Capcom - 2005

Not released in the US, Namco x Capcom is a strategic RPG featuring manycharacters from both publishers. If that sounds peachy to you, cross your fingers!A fan made translation is supposedly in the works.

Above: Chun-Li in the opening of Namco x Capcom

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