Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Chun-Li and Blanka

Table of Contents
Street Fighter II|Alpha series|Street Fighter III|EX series|Marvel vs. Capcom series|SNK vs. Capcom series|SF: The Movie and Gem Fighter|Sprite comparison|SSFIITHDR and Street Fighter IV|Comics and cosplay|Film, figures, and more

Sprite Comparison

The following is a comparison of major visual modifications to Blanka and Chun-Li's in-game forms. We can observe that after Street Fighter II, Chun-Li's torso is pushed forward to better balance her stance. In SF III, it is pulled back again and straightened, and her left toe pointed. Note that her Alpha 3 sprite is pictured in her alternate costume.

Blanka, unfortunately, is only given two main sprites in the series (not including palette swaps), one inSFII and one inAlpha.

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