Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Chun-Li and Blanka

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Street Fighter III Third Strike: Fight for the Future - 1999

Chun-Li returns in Third Strike, the third Street Fighter III game, while Blanka skips the entire series. Chun-Li is, in fact, the only character other than Ken and Ryu to appear in all of the main Street Fighter series (not including the original "Street Fighter") - SF II, SF Alpha, and SF III.

Now retired from the force, Chun-Li has chosen a quieter way of life - providing martial arts training to children. When devious Urien kidnaps one of her children, she must jump into action again. Of course, she and her army of super-children prevail.

Visually, SF III is a large improvement over previous games, partially due to the use of the more advanced CPS-3 arcade board. Chun-Li is back in her SF II dress and her portrait (right) is much more refined.

The "off balance" stance of Street Fighter II (left), which was somewhat changed in Alpha, has been totally revamped. Rather than standing on flat on the ground, Chun-Li'sleft foot is pointed, and her already formidable legs have become even more intimidating (see the collection of SF III sprites below).

Above: Chun-Li battling Urien in a pallet swapped costume

Above: Chun-Li is the central figure in this, and other, 3rd Strike posters - her return did not go uncelebrated

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