Street Fighter 6 tournament host forgets to turn off nude mods

(Image credit: Capcom)

Update - August 1, 2pm ET: A previous version of this article attributed the mod to a specific player, which appears to be inaccurate. We regret the error.

Original story follows...

A Street Fighter 6 tournament host seemingly recently forgot they had nude mods installed, leading to one of the most awkward moments in recent esports history.

"Yeah... that's a very interesting Chun-Li costume there," one of the tournament commenters said after a few seconds of the match, before the tournament rapidly cut away from the match with a naked Chun-Li. "It's a new costume, recently released," joked another commentator, rapidly trying to downplay the whole thing.

"Street Fighter 6 is an 18+ game, as you can see!" quips another commentator, before the entire segment concluded, and not a moment too soon. It must be said that everyone took the entire thing surprisingly well considering a completely naked Chun-Li popped up in the middle of a tournament.

"Never borrow this guy's stick," reads one witty comment from Reddit. "Fighting games always bring out the biggest coomers somehow," reads another comment that we sadly can't even begin to argue back against. There's also a lot of people sad that the fighter wasn't playing as E. Honda with a nude mode installed, which, all right.

Capcom's in the midst of a golden age of sales with banger title after banger title, with or without nude mods.

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