Stranger Things: The Voyage takes us a long way from Hawkins

Art from Stranger Things: The Voyage #1.
(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

Season 5 may still be a long way off, but the gateways to the Upside Down are opening once more this November, with a new Stranger Things comic from Dark Horse. Rather than taking place in Hawkins, Indiana, however, the new series is set on a boat that's about to sail into real danger.

Stranger Things: The Voyage is a four-issue miniseries by writer Michael Moreci, artist Todor Hristov, colorist Francesco Segala, and letterer Nate Piekos. Marc Aspinall is handling the main cover for #1 and the three variants come from Kyle Lambert, Diego Galindo, and Todor Hristov. 

You can check out all four of those in the gallery below.

Dark Horse's official synopsis for the first issue reads:

"Captain Jacoby is too broke to reject a shady deal from a group of Russians looking to get from Alaska back home on his freighter ship The Persephone, but things don't go as planned. Storms, Demogorgons, strange doctors, and more all threaten the crew of The Persephone and their passage in this new series."

The mention of Russians suggests that the new book will have strong links to the TV series, despite the apparent absence of any of the main characters. Michael Moreci, meanwhile, has form with the franchise, having previously written the Stranger Things Halloween Special one-shot and the well-received Stranger Things: Kamchatka miniseries.

Stranger Things: The Voyage #1 is published by Dark Horse Comics on November 1.

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