The best Stranger Things game is yet to come, says Netflix

Stranger Things
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Netflix says it still hasn't done its best Stranger Things game yet.

In its most recent issue, Edge Magazine spoke to Netflix vice president and head of external games, Leanne Loombe, about their Stranger Things-oriented output. So far at least, Netflix has put out two games from the show: Stranger Things 1984 in 2017, and Stranger Things 3: The Game two years later in 2019.

"As we build up the muscles to launch more games, and we learn more things, then we are naturally going to move into higher scope, more complex, AAA-type experiences, across both internal and external [studios]," the Netflix executive told Edge.

"We have IPs that we thing could work well in games, but then it's about really figuring out 'ok, what kind of game is that - how would that feel and play?'" Loombe continued. "You know, the Stranger Things games that we've got, for example, they're great games, but I don't think we've done the Stranger Things game yet - the one that is authentically connected to that universe and those characters that the fans love."

Netflix's two Stranger Things games to date are both retro-inspired mobile games, and it's clear the company is aiming for something bigger in scale. A third Stranger Things game - Stranger Things VR - is set to launch later this year in 2023, putting the player in the shoes of villain Vecna for something decidedly different than their two offerings so far.

Aside from that though, Netflix looks to be stepping up its efforts to push into the video game space, with their biggest project yet set to be a AAA live-service shooter. It's not unreasonable to take Loombe's comments as an indication that a Stranger Things game in similar scale and scope could well be in development.

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