Stranger Things star Maya Hawke weighs in on whether Eddie should return in season 5

*Warning: this article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4*

Stranger Things fans grew so fond of Eddie Munson in season 4 that they have been coming up with all sorts of ways to justify the ill-fated new character's return in the show's fifth and final instalment. Maya Hawke, however, isn't convinced he should come back. 

In a new interview with NME, the actor, who plays Robin Buckley in the hit Netflix series, was asked about the theories surrounding Eddie's resurrection – and the petition urging The Duffer Brothers write the fan favorite back in. "I totally sympathise with fans who want to see more of him," she replied. "[But] I feel like we can't keep killing people and bringing them back to life. 

"The same fans would be so annoyed! I would love them to find a way to have Eddie's ghost in the mix, just because Joe Quinn is such an awesome guy. He's so much fun to have on set and such a great actor." Hawke went on to say that filming the new batch of episodes without Quinn will be like "losing a weird limb".

Shortly after Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 landed on Netflix, Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed to Collider that Eddie, the metal-loving leader of Hawkins High's Hellfire Club, was "sadly", definitely dead.

In episode 9, Eddie and Dustin's attempt to distract a colony of vicious Demobats – so that Robin, Nancy, and Steve could torch Vecna's body elsewhere in the Upside Down – ended in tragedy, when Eddie was bitten several times, and bled out in his pal's arms. Given the circumstances of his death, many viewers think he'll come back as a vampire, specifically inspired by a Dungeons & Dragons character. Time will tell as to whether they're on the money with that one.

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