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Storm shares a moment with Jean Grey and Emma Frost in Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1

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Marvel's Giant-Size X-Men series of one-shots kicked off with a story in which Jean Grey and Emma Frost diagnosed Storm with a techno-organic virus that would prove fatal – perhaps even beyond the power of the Resurrection Protocols. And in September 16's Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1, that story comes full circle, with artist Russell Dauterman, who drew the first one-shot, returning alongside writer Jonathan Hickman.

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Marvel has released a new preview of Dauterman's interior pages from the one-shot, focusing on a difficult conversation between Storm, Jean, and Emma. While the full potential ramifications of what's at stake remain to be seen, the 'Dawn of X' X-Men line is moving toward its first line-wide crossover in 'X of Swords,' beginning later this month.

"I'm excited that Storm's getting this Giant-Size spotlight — I think she's one of Marvel’s best characters and deserves to be front and center," Dauterman previously told Newsarama.

"I can't say much about what's coming up, but both Jonathan and [X-Men group editor] Jordan D. White have said that big things are coming for Storm. So this issue should be just the beginning."

"The Storm issue is more involved with Jonathan's larger X-plans than the Jean and Emma issue," he states.

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As for what that could entail, Newsarama has put together the pieces of what could be a potential future twist for Storm right here – and it might involve the X-Men's sometimes nemesis/current ally Apocalypse, who is deeply tied into the story of 'X of Swords.'

Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 goes on sale on September 16.

And of course, Newsarama has all the details on what 'X of Swords' is and what you'll need to read to get the full story right here.

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