Stop motion Street Fighter video puts the "Action" in "Action Figures"

Remember when you played with your toys as a kid? Imagine that, except now you have a really nice a camera, way cooler toys, and you really like Street Fighter. Taiwanese YouTube user "counter656" recently posted thisamazing stop motion fight between Ken and Ryu, using some cool visual effects and some nice articulated figurines. Check it out:

We can't imagine how long it must have taken this guy to painstakingly piece together all these individual shots, but the result is damned impressive. We here at GRwould like to think that when we all go home for the night, ourdesks full of action figures spring to life and stage exactly these kind of battles. But they probably don't. They just sit there, dead, lifeless, lumps of plastic.

Have a magical weekend everyone!

Aug 5, 2011

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