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Still playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live? We have a gift for 12 of you

Remember two weeks ago, when Microsoft shut down the original Xbox Live forever? When Halo 2 fans were forced to finish their final online matches? When we held a multiplayer marathon to celebrate the end of an era?

Not so fast! Surprisingly – and brilliantly – that end never came for some. While the rest of us mourned and moved on, the hardest of hardcore fans refused to quit. Realizing that they could keep playing online as long as they didn't turn off their Xboxs, they've kept their systems powered up for an astounding 13 days straight, enjoying an additional 13 days of Halo 2 in the process. These loyal gamers are now known as "The Final Few" on Bungie's forums, and although console freezes are quickly dwindling their numbers, a dozen still remained at the time of this article's posting.

And you know what? That kind of loyalty and passion deserve reward. So…

If you are one of "The Final Few" – one of the 12 people still playing Halo 2 over Xbox Live – the editors at GamesRadar would like to give you early access to Halo: Reach multiplayer. Contact us at, prove you own one of the following tags, and you'll receive a code for the "Friends & Family" beta starting tomorrow, April 29.

Agent Windex
sherlok 1
z0mbie stench
Lord Odysseus11
H2o Shoagie
xxBooker Dxx

Why these tags?They were listedby Joe Campbell, the guy who started "The Final Few" thread on Bungie to begin with. What proof? Email us and we'll work that out together. How will you keep playing Halo 2 and Halo: Reach at the same time? Maybe youwon't, but we think you deserve the choice, should your Xbox unexpectedly freeze at some point this week or this weekend. What was that email again?

Keep soldiering on, Final Few, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Apr 28, 2010

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