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Stephen Daldry attached to Young@Heart

Working Title looks to be throwing some real power behind its recently announced film remake of senior choir documentary Young@Heart.

Writer Will Reiser, who last worked on I'm With Cancer, is polishing the latest draft of the script and according to Pajiba, the company is approaching actors with the idea that Stephen Daldry will direct the movie.

Since the film will likely focus on the conductor of the choir who helps to motivate his aged performers, and given how affecting the original documentary is, it sounds like the sort of uplifting musical project Daldry's well suited to.

As for the possible actor? Steve Carell is apparently "considering" it, though we don't know whether he'll plump for it or even be able to squeeze it into his packed schedule.

[Source: Pajiba ]

Does this sound like a good move for Daldry or Carell? Speak!