Stellar Blade's dev working on a new "cross-platform next-gen" game after its PS5 exclusive

Stellar Blade
(Image credit: Second Shift)

Stellar Blade's developer is already hiring for its next game, a "cross-platform next-gen project."

According to the recruitment page on developer Shift Up's website, the studio is seeking new staff for a brand-new game. That game is apparently a "cross-platform next-gen project," and unfortunately, for the time being at least, that's literally all we know about the new game from the South Korean studio.

Nonetheless, it's still interesting to know that Shift Up won't be sticking to developing games exclusively for PlayStation platforms. Stellar Blade, which launches later this month on April 28, is being made exclusively for PS5, so it's nice to see the studio giving a wider audience a chance to play its next game.

It's quite interesting to put this in the context of a report published last July. At the time, a Korean news outlet claimed Sony was in talks to get more Korean-developed games on PS5 in the future, and you'd think that, if this strategy continued into the future, the platform holder might try to lock down Shift Up's next game after Stellar Blade for its new-gen console. 

It's also worth noting that, yes, Shift Up has experience in developing titles for multiple platforms at once. Goddess of Victory: Nikke, also known as the infamous anime game with jiggling butts, was first launched on Android and iOS in 2022, before coming to PC the year after in 2023.

Another interesting little detail is that the job description itself - the "cross-platform next-gen project" part - is written entirely in English. While not a concrete indicator, it could be taken as a sign that Shift Up is looking outside of Korea to hire international developers - it's the sort of thing that Kojima Productions does when advertising for international staff, for example.

If you're looking forward to Stellar Blade, you can pick up the demo right now on PS5, or check out our Stellar Blade preview for what we made of our hands-on time with the action-RPG.

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