Starfield update offers FOV options, but players are underwhelmed by dearth of changes

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Starfield update 1.7.36 has just dropped, and amid a handful of performance fixes is the ability to tweak your FOV settings.

The FOV tweak is the headline (and indeed the only substantial) change in the latest Starfield update. From today, whether you're using first- or third-person perspective, you'll be able to adjust your field of view via the settings menu.

Elsewhere, there's a fix to a progression-halting bug for the Echoes of the Past quest, and improved stability and performance, especially if you're a PC player making use of an Intel ARC GPU.

While the FOV tweak is appreciated, the size of the patch is pretty underwhelming. At just four notes (one of which is PC only), one fan on the Starfield subreddit is asking whether Bethesda's plan is to "drip feed small patches before some gigantic patch?" Other players have pointed out that there are multiple other progression bugs spread across the galaxy, some of which are tied to major quests like the Crimson Fleet or Ryujin Industries factions.

While it's perhaps fair to say that this is a pretty small update, it's worth pointing out that we're still only a month out from launch, and that Starfield did arrive in pretty good shape. I've seen bigger, more desperate sets of patch notes for games that struggled on release, but Starfield wasn't one of those games, and it does seem likely that Bethesda is gearing up for something bigger a little further down the line.

A couple of weeks ago, Starfield update 1.7.33 made a few larger changes, including a fix to a Starfield money glitch, but we're yet to see some of the other quality of life changes that players are hoping for. There's no word on when (or indeed if) that larger update might arrive, so for now you'll have to enjoy the galaxy as-is.

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