Starfield players despair as the latest patch does away with a sneaky method for obtaining one of the best spacesuits early on: "It wasn't a bug; it was a feature!"

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Since Starfield's launch, players have been able to get their hands on one of the RPG's best spacesuits really early in their spacefaring adventure, but no longer.

Bethesda has just rolled out the beta version of Starfield's 1.10.30 update, which offers a plethora of quality-of-life fixes, including improvements to photo mode, the scanner, and mission tracking. While the majority of the changes are fixes and features fans have been calling out for, there's one bug that they really wish Bethesda hadn't squashed.

Until now, it was possible to bypass the Master lock in the Lodge Basement containing the Mark 1 Spacesuit, complete with Helmet and Pack. The method involved going into first-person view and strategically positioning yourself in front of the teeny tiny gap in the door of the display case housing the armor. 

According to the patch notes, this is no longer possible as the latest update "fixed the gap that allows players to access Spacesuits without picking locks of one of the Spacesuit display cases."

Over on the Starfield subreddit, players have been sharing their disappointment at the fact that they'll have to acquire the gear the old-fashioned way from now on. "Oh no!" says a particularly distraught NeroToro, who argues, "It wasn't a bug, it was a feature!" Also taking it hard are Pleasant-Business346, who says, "How dare they," and Zelda_is_Dead, who writes, "The game is dead to me now."

For a select few, though, this method being patched out is probably for the best. "I'm pretty sure I spent as much time trying to find that little sweet spot that gives you access to the mannequin/suit than it would have taken to just digipick the damn thing," says locokip. Then there's BruhMomentum6968, who writes, "Thank god they fixed it; I hated myself for taking it at the beginning of every playthrough…"

Expect more Starfield updates - which may or may not remove more fan-favorite techniques for breaking the rules - in the near future, as last year, Bethesda promised a new one "roughly every six weeks" from February onwards.

If you want to play Bethesda's epic space-based RPG on console, Xbox Series X is currently your only option, but Phil Spencer isn't ruling out Starfield ever coming to PS5.

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