Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm brutal campaign walkthrough


Main Objective: Defend Bile Launchers [0/5], Don’t Lose 3 Bile Launchers [0 Lost]
Bonus Objective: Destroy Augustgrad Gates [0/3]


Planetfall: Complete the “Planetfall” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
Fully Operational: Don’t lose a Bile Launcher in the “Planetfall” mission.
Death Start: Destroy 3 Augustgrad Gates before the 5th Bile Launcher lands in the “Planetfall” mission on Normal difficulty.

The double drone ability make saturating your base and getting your economy going much faster. Aside from a small group of terran bio units, you have nothing to worry about until the first bile launcher arrives, so build drones, a macro hatchery, and a roach warren to get started.

2 spine crawlers will fall along with the first bile launcher. Don’t rush off to the second bile launcher landing site just yet. A small group of terran units will come to attack the first bile launcher shortly. Spreading creep will give you increased vision of the map allowing you to see incoming attacks earlier. Once you start spreading creep, move your crawlers forward and add a few more. Queens will also help supplement your defenses here because they will heal your spine crawlers.

There will be a large group comprised of reapers, hellions, and battle hellions that will attack the second bile launcher. By now you should have a fully saturated base and a decent amount of your tech structures in place. The area by the second bile launcher is located in an intersection. Further attacks can come from either the west or the east, so add more spine crawlers and queens to hold this position.

The first Augustgrad Gate lies directly to the east and isn’t defended by much, although there is a terran base directly to the west of it. Kerrigan’s level 70 aoe attack will clear out the gate’s defenses instantly.

The landing location of the next bile launcher is in the middle of a terran outpost. Clear this area so the bile launcher isn’t destroyed shortly after landing. Once cleared, spread creep and move a few spine crawlers up to defend the new bile launcher. Add more spine crawlers to defend the eastern flank of the southeastern bile launcher.

The next bile launcher is also landing in hostile territory. Start clearing out the landing location in preparation for its arrival. It will free up an expansion in the process, so start a hatchery there as soon as it’s clear. Move the spine crawlers guarding the southwestern bile launcher up to defend this base. Also, the southeastern bile launcher may be attacked while you’re clearing out the next landing area, but the added spine crawlers and queens will deal with the attack on their own.

The next Augustgrad Gate is directly to the north of your new expansion. Saturate your new expansion asap. You should also have an army strong enough to clear the remaining terran forces surrounding your new expansion reducing the likelihood of counterattacks.

There are quite a bit of terran units surrounding the last Augustgrad gate. You will have enough units by now where you can easily clear the area, although you may miss the last bile launcher, which will end up delaying the completion of the mission. Instead of clearing this upper platform, you can probably ignore and destroy just the gate, in order to get the Death Start achievement.

From here on out, you can afford to take your time and clear the remaining landing areas.