Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm brutal campaign walkthrough


Main Objective: Destroy the Lab Entrance
Bonus Objective: Creep Science Facilities [0/3]


Just Getting Inside: Complete the "Infested" mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
Master of Puppets: Kill 60 enemy units with Parasitic Dominated terran units in the "Infested" mission.
Spreading the Disease: Infest all Garrisons without losing a Virophage in the "Infested" mission on Normal difficulty.

With consume and an infinite supply of infested terrans, use your Parasitic Domination ability on as many units as you can in order to complete the Master of Puppets achievement. Infest the next garrison to help you deal with the remaining terran defenses.

After you infest the second garrison, head towards the last garrison and infest it to help you clear out the remaining terran forces.

You can easily take the next garrison to the north, especially with the level that Kerrigan will be at, granted you've completed every bonus mission up until now. Keep an eye out on the first garrison you infested, because it will be attacked soon. If you plan on attempting the Spreading the Disease achievement, either build some zerglings and rally them to the defend or pull back your army at your newly acquired virophage. If you choose to ignore the achievement more now, letting a virophage die is of no consequence. You can send an infestor back to create a new one.

After the gas depletes, you have a window to establish your production. Do this now as it will help you later on in the mission. Build macro hatcheries, your other unit facilities, and saturate your main base.

Spore crawlers make for excellent defense at the western most virophage. Until the bridge is extended dropping units is the only means of offense the terran have against your western flank. Queens will also supplement the defense here nicely.

There isn't much defending the science facility to the north. You can easily clear out the defenses and once you do, it will free up an expansion.

With the gas depleted, start clearing your way towards the second science facility. After the gas recharges the terran forces will extend the bridge by the second science facility towards your main base.

While you're clearing your way towards the second science facility, saturate your new expansion. The added income will help you begin supplementing your army with even more roaches.

Once extended, prepare for an attack at both the western most virophages and another at the newly extended bridge shortly after. Raptor lings make it extremely easy to react to attacks especially if your main army is out of position.

There is another garrison to infect just west of your new expansion. Don't be alarmed when you see the reticle for a nuclear missile. Take out the ghost and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Gas should deplete soon. Once it does, head over to the western most platform and clear out the terran forces there. It should be fairly easy to take with a zergling, roach, and hydralisk army. Clearing out this platform will free up 2 garrisons and the final science facility.

The next platform up towards the lab entrance is pretty heavily defended. You will start seeing more Thors and Battlecruisers joining the fray. Infecting these units is the most cost effective ways with dealing with them, which also contributes to the Master of Puppets achievement.

While the gas is up, expect attacks down the center of the map towards the bridge that leads into your main base.

At this point in the game, you should have a pretty healthy bank. Max out on Abberations and you should be able to easily drive straight through to the lab entrance, while reinforcing with zerglings as your units die.