Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm brutal campaign walkthrough


Main Objective: Clear out Mira’s Fleet, Destroy the Mercenary Space Station, The Hyperion Must Survive
Bonus Objective: Harvest Mineral Clusters [0/3], Destroy the Pirate Capital Ship


With Friends Like These...: Complete the “With Friends Like These...” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
MinedCraft: Collect every mineral pickup with the Hyperion in the “With Friends Like These...” mission.
Space Ace: Don’t let a Mag Mine hit the Hyperion in the “With Friends Like These...” mission on Normal difficulty.

The first part of this mission is a tutorial explaining how to use the Hyperion’s abilities.

You can easily stay at range and fire your Yamato Cannon on cooldown to deal with the small stations. When fighters attack, launch yours in response.

Not only does collecting minerals level the Hyperion, it’s also the bonus objective. The first mineral cluster cannot be missed. You can launch fighters, pre-emptively move, or jump out of the way of the mines.

There’s a small path to the right that will reveal another bonus objective, which is to destroy the pirate capital ship. Avoid mines, use your fighters to deal with their fighters, and yamato cannon towers at range. Rinse and repeat.

Grab the repair kit before you engage, so you’re at 100%. The pirate capital ship has a few abilities. Like the Hyperion, it can launch its own fighters. It will send out a wave that will stun both you and your fighters for a few seconds and it will also periodically cloak and move to a new location. There nothing special required for this fight aside from firing your Yamato cannon when it drops out of cloak and keeping up with your fighters. It will drop a repair kit once you’ve destroyed it. You will also gain it’s stun ability, which will come in handy during the final fight.

Take your time and clear out the area, because once you do, the station itself is very easy to take out. After you engage the Mercenary Space Station, another battlecruiser will spawn. Once you destroy it, it will drop a repair kit, so be sure to keep an eye out for it, if your health gets pretty low.

After the station is destroyed, head to the right and pick up the lone mineral. There will be an area you can jump to revealing the second mineral cluster. It will be defended by a few fighters and mines.

The next group is rather large, so take your time. By now the Hyperion should have leveled again and your Yamato Cannon should be strong enough to one-shot most things.

After you clear out the next stations, there will be another mineral cluster that you can warp to directly to the left, with the same defenses as the previous cluster.

As you head to Mira’s station, there will be a small patch of minerals to the left with a repair kit. Grabbing this will raise the Hyperion to max level.

Once you get closer to Mira’s station, there will be large groups of fighters attacking the Hyperion all at once. This is where the stun ability comes in handy.

Mira’s station will launch fighters at you and large groups of mines. They’re easily avoided and this fight is over pretty quickly.