Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm brutal campaign walkthrough


Main Objective: Destroy the Power Link
Bonus Objective: None


Death From Above: Complete the “Death From Above” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
Terran Up the Sky: Destroy 20 Terran structures before the 2nd Psi Destroyer field activation in the “Death From Above” mission.
Apex Predator: Don’t let Dehaka die while destroying a Power Link in the “Death From Above” mission on Normal difficulty.

The beginning of this mission is basically a tutorial on Dehaka’s abilities. Keep in mind, that even though it may appear that you’re jumping from one complete area to the next as it transitions between Dehaka and Kerrigan, you’re both on the same map. So, be aware of which control groups you’re using and whether or not one is being attacked while you’re controlling the other.

Use the first few minutes to fully saturate your base and get some tech structures in place. The first wave of attacking terran units are easily dealt with the units you’re given from the start.

There isn’t much defending the terran base to the east. Once you’ve built some roaches, you should be able to clear this base without any problems. Take this expansion once, you’ve cleared it. Before the field powers up again, build drones to mine at your new expansion, so you can gather a small bank of resources while you’re controlling Dehaka.

Take the high road with Dehaka. It will allow you to skip a good amount of units. Pull what units you can up to you so you can deal with them one by one. Keep an eye on the minimap. You will get attacked while you’re controlling Dehaka to be prepared to switch over in a moment’s notice.

You will have accumulated a large bank of resources after the last Dehaka section. Add more macro hatcheries and more tech structures. Build hydralisks so you can deal with the impending air attack during the next Dehaka section. You will have a large enough army at this point where you can easily clear the adjacent platform.

It will be easier to stick with the low ground here while pulling units from the high ground down towards you. Watch the minimap for attacks on your main base while you make your way through this section.

Once you destroy the final tower, Dehaka and his primal zerg will join your main forces.

An army composition of upgraded roaches, hydralisks, and ultralisks will easily make short work of the remaining terran forces and you will be able to a-move to victory while streaming in reinforcing zerglings.