Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Benicio Del Toro could be playing the son of a certain bounty hunter

Apart from the official title, Star Wars trailer rumours and new-look Stormtroopers, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has had disappointingly little for fans to go on so far, including franchise newcomer Benicio Del Toro’s secret role. New rumours, though, seem to suggest he’ll play the offspring of a certain bounty hunter…

First reported by Screen Rant, YouTuber Mike Zeroh has dropped some info about Benicio Del Toro’s ‘The Man in Black’. According to Mike Zeroh, Wikiwand’s page for Benicio Del Toro included the listing for his role in The Last Jedi as ‘Sir Vicrum Fett’, which was then changed, days later, to ‘TBA’.

Now, Wikiwand is just a modern interface for Wikipedia so class this one firmly under rumour, but you can’t discount it entirely: previous rumours from The Last Jedi trailer have Benicio Del Toro’s character firing a blaster at a funeral. If the funeral is Han Solo’s (who else could it be?) then it makes a whole lot of sense for Boba Jr to still hold a grudge against the man who caused his father’s death - and what better place to get revenge than a funeral with all of Han’s nearest and dearest present?

It would also certainly continue the theme of lineage from the Original Trilogy and it’ll stop us thinking about just who the hell Rey's parents are for a few seconds.

If Del Toro is playing Boba Fett’s son then he’ll be the coolest gun-slinging Man in Black since, uhh, Westworld. Hey, when a trope is that good you may as well use it...

Image: Marvel

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