Star Wars Squadrons B-wing and TIE defender update is live and it's time to fly

Star Wars: Squadrons now has B-wings and TIE defenders thanks to a free update that doubles as a lovely holiday gift for players.

You can see the two new ships in action in the trailer above. Also be on the lookout for the new Fostar Haven map, the Custom Match feature, additional components to kit out your favorite ships, and TrackIR support for PC players. Oh, and there are even more cosmetics to personalize your pilot and cockpit, though how everybody doesn't just keep Baby Yoda glued to their dashboard I do not know.

On top of the new features arriving in the game today, a new interview with EA Motive technical director Julien Adriano reveals what the developers were most excited about when they upgraded the game for Xbox Series X and S (the update also improved visuals on PS5, though it doesn't quite hit 4K and 120 FPS on Sony's console).

"Higher resolution support is great, but I'd say we were most excited about the support for higher frame rates," Adriano explained. "It makes a huge difference when playing at 120FPS since you can track your opponents so much better.

"Higher frame rates and resolution make a huge difference when trying to chase enemies or spot them in the distance. There's been more than one time that I’ve been thankful for a resolution increase when shooting down a missile that was heading straight at me!"

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