Star Wars: Rogue One has a The Last Jedi Easter egg that no one noticed until now

It’s crazy to think Star Wars: Rogue One was only out a year ago. Despite the fact it feels (literally) worlds apart from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One actually got one throwaway Easter egg line that pays off part way through The Last Jedi – and I’ll bet you didn’t notice it. Spoilers within.

Remember how the First Order conveniently track the remaining Resistance fleet through hyperspace? Pretty cheesy, right? Well, if you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Rogue One, you may have thought otherwise…

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That’s right, a quick line whilst Jyn is sorting through Empire archives on Scarif in search of the Death Star plans highlights that the forerunners of the First Order have been working on hyperspace tracking for at least a couple of decades.

Not only does that make it plenty feasible that the First Order could utilise that tech on its flagship, it’s also a nice nod towards the history of the franchise without jabbing you in the side and going ‘hey, look at that’. Yes, I’m talking about that blue milk scene. That will never leave my nostalgia-ruining nightmares.

The super-slow chase sequence that followed may not have been quite worth it but it begs the question whether there are other links in Star Wars movies that can retroactively be applied to the First Order. Now their situation is partly in flux, it’ll be interesting to see what megalomaniac plans they have up their evil sleeves going forward. Please, please, please don’t go back to that Death Star well again, guys.

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