Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order box art shows you a new side of Cal Kestis

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order box art is a soothing sight for anyone's who has been holding out hope for a new story-driven Star Wars game. EA shared the final design for the game's standard and Deluxe Editions today, just a few days ahead of the EA E3 2019 event that will show off gameplay for the first time. Tap the button in the upper right corner of each image to enlarge them.

The standard edition box art proudly wears its Star Wars lineage, sporting a design that's inspired by decades worth of movie posters with the cast of characters all lined up and looking valiant or nefarious. This design cleverly uses the Inquisitor Second Sister's double-bladed lightsaber to divide the poster between Light and Dark. I'd argue that the two halves and their separate background scenes are a tribute to the Star Wars' series trademark wipe transitions. Nicely done, EA graphic designers.

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order box art for the deluxe edition is a big ol' picture of main character Cal Kestis' noggin. He must be a fan of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed because it looks like he's holding his lightsaber backward, Starkiller-style. I like the standard edition box art better but this one ain't bad, aside from the awkward saber angle.

If you think this box art is exciting, wait until you see EA and Respawn unveil our first look at the actual game being played. Hopefully, it has plenty of wipe transitions too.

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