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Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition packs weapons, emotes, and a sad stormtrooper

The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition cover art was revealed today, and nothing says "Deluxe Edition" quite like a closeup on a stormtrooper's helmet reflecting his imminent doom, hiding what I imagine is a face twisted into a great big "oh, crap" expression. Set that kind of imagery to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" and you've got a recipe for a touching video about abandoned stormtroopers.

There's not quite as much to analyze here as the potential surprise hidden in plain sight on the Mirror's Edge Catalyst cover art (opens in new tab) - or the Battlefront screenshots of Hoth (opens in new tab) - but it's still stylish and tasteful all the same. Take a look:

Other than a spiffy-looking package, you'll also instantly unlock three in-game items and receive two exclusive emotes. The items are the DL-44 blaster pistol (which will surely allow you to shoot first), the Ion Grenade and the Ion Torpedo. The emotes are Victory and Ion Shock, with the former described as a fist-pumping motion and the latter lacking a proper description. It sounds kind of dirty though, doesn't it?

Star Wars: Battlefront (both the Deluxe Edition and pedestrian versions) have a November 17 release date locked into their targeting computers.

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