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Star Wars Battlefront 2 update 1.03 is the first to make big tweaks, here's what it changes

For once, here's a story about Star Wars Battlefront 2 (opens in new tab) changes that doesn't have anything to do with loot boxes (opens in new tab). EA and developer DICE just released a new update for the game, and though they're already up to update 1.03, this is the first one to make significant tweaks beyond "polish". The first change you'll probably notice? The game's hilarious tendency to highlight one player over and over again at the end of the match, standing proud like a one-person Clone Squad, has finally been put to an end.

It wasn't really a bug. The game just picked a bunch of different honors, like "MVP", "Longest Killstreak", and "Most Kills" to display at the end of the match along with whichever player earned them. As you would expect, a bunch of those honors ended up falling on the same player, and the game never bothered to widen its net a bit so it could highlight different folks. It led to scenarios like this being pretty common.

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Vaders everywhere! How's that for canon (opens in new tab)? As of update 1.03, Battlefront 2 simply highlights the top five players by score at the end of a match. No more overlap is good, but it's also more boring without having unique awards to brag about. Hopefully this isn't permanent and DICE can find a way to rework the old system so it pulls from more players.

Update 1.03  makes many more changes to the in-game experience, including fixes for several sticky spots that could mess with traveling across the environment. It also prevents Boba Fett from capturing objectives while hovering high above them. Again, hilarious as it was, the game is probably better off without it. DICE says it has its eyes on balance changes for Heroes vs. Villains mode for the next patch. Check EA's site for the full patch notes (opens in new tab).

And don't forget that Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Last Jedi season (opens in new tab) is kicking off next week, with Finn and Captain Phasma joining the game a week after that.

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