New Star Wars 9 image shows Rey ready for action (and don't worry, her lightsaber is blue)

Star Wars 9
(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

A new Star Wars 9 image has been revealed by the official Star Wars Twitter account. Showing Rey in her Last Jedi get-up with her blue lightsaber at her side, the Jedi-in-training looks every bit ready to take down whatever is facing her, even if the unseen opponent is tantalisingly out-of-shot.

The image, which looks like it comes during the sequence involving Rey leaping over an on-rushing TIE Fighter in the first Rise of Skywalker trailer from April, includes the caption “Something inside me has always been there. But now it’s awake.” Check it out for yourself below.

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The fresh reveal comes as murmurs have just about died down about Rey’s recent appearance in the Star Wars 9 D23 footage, complete with a hood and red lightsaber. There, she looks every inch the brooding, sneering Sith, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether it’s the real deal or merely a vision.

For now, Rey is presented as the hero of the piece, even if her lightsaber stance looks more liable to scorch the back of her legs than make mincemeat out of any foes.

Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, has also promised that we’ll finally get the answer to the big question on everyone’s mind pre-Rise of Skywalker: who are Rey’s parents? Kylo Ren seemingly answered it in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – they were, supposedly, no one important – though Ridley said in a recent interview, “at the end of the film, you know what the dealio is.”

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