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  • PSP | Submitted by CARLO SERRANO

    Star Ocean: First Departure Unlockable: Characters

    Ashlay - Ashlay appears in the arena in Tatroi only if you didn't recruit Cyuss. Go to the arena, go to the audience stands, and talk to him. He's pretty conspicuous. He will make some remark about how the fighters are weak, and then he will leave. After that, clear an arena round with Roddick. Then, go down to the docks in Tatroi. There, Ashlay will talk about how Roddick has potential, and he will join the party.

    Erys - To recruit Erys, you need Mavelle, Ashlay and Ioshua. If not, you can't get her. If you have these three characters, go into the Old Race Ruins, Northeast of Silvalant. Go deep into the ruins, until you find the room with Erys. Pick the 2nd option when Ioshua goes crazy, and you will get Erys. Keep in mind that if you choose to recruit Erys, you will lose Mavelle forever.

    Ioshua - To get Ioshua, you must first, after your adventures in Astral, choose to go to the Purgatorium when given the choice. In other words, you must visit Purgatorium as soon as humanly possible. The first opportunity is after the incidents in Astral. Go to Purgatorium, and from the main entrance, go back to the world map and hug the mountain range to the right of Purgatorium, the one that leads to a dead end. It will eventually take you to the secret entrance of Purgatorium. Ioshua will then request your help, and join your party as you explore Purgatorium.

    Mavelle - In order to recruit her, you must have either Ashlay or Ioshua (or both) in your party. After the party reunites for a night drinking, she will join automatically.

    Periccci - Once the Emblem Quest starts, return to Kratus and start a Private Action. Talk to Millie, and choose Pericci when given an option of three names in the conversation. Equip Roddick with the Ocarina, and play it near the cat. Pericci will then join.

    Welch - To recruit Welch, you must make sure you have the Silvant Emblem, which you acquire during the Emblem Quest. Then, from the town of Ionis, go in the direction of Van City. Eventually, you'll reach an area on the world map with two bridges. Head to the forested area to the west between the two bridges and navigate through it to find a house, Welch's hut. Choose the first option to get Welch. Keep in mind that if you have more than seven characters already in your party, she won't join!

    Star Ocean: First Departure Hint: Easy Fol

    It's easier to do this with a high level Group Appraisal super specialty where you can control the prices of the shops at will.

    Using the Contraband super specialty, keep creating materials until you get Forged Bills, Checks, Stocks, Documents, etc. These can be sold at a really high amount if you Raise the price using the Group Appraisal super specialty. Use this trick to earn millions of fol early in the game.

    Star Ocean: First Departure Hint: Experience Trick

    Using the Super Specialty Skill Contraband, keep forging materials until you get the Counterfeit Medal. When used on a character, it will reduce the required EXP to 1. The higher the Contraband level, the better chances of producing this item.

    Since it is hard to produce, Replicating it is a viable solution. You'll need a Magic Camera and some Magic Films to attempt to reproduce it. If is advisable to have a maxed out Imitation skill before attempting. Try to create a RIRICA camera through Machinery specialty to increase your replication chances dramatically!

    Note: Do this beside a shop so you can sell Bounced Checks immediately; leaving them in your inventory will eat up your funds until you sell them.

Star Ocean: First Departure Glitches

  • PSP | Submitted by Joshaoans

    No Random Encounters

    You can open the UMD tray or take the UMD out, and you won't have any random encounters. If you're coming up on a boss fight, though, make sure you put it back in and close the tray.